UPDATED: Link included! Jackbox Game Night!

Time: 8:30 pm
Date: June 26, 2020
Location: Google Meet

Looking for some casual fun on a Friday night? Join us online for some hilarious hijinks while we play a bunch of your favorite Jackbox games!

Games start at 8:30 PM and will continue till everyone is all out of fun. A link to the Google Meet will be provided on the day of the event. Hope to see you there!

Netflix Watch Party!

Date: Thursday Nights
Time: 8:30pm
Location: Netflix

Are you a fan of the Terrace House series? Perhaps you’ve heard of it, but haven’t made time to watch it yourself? Well come one, come all to Terrace House Thursdays! Through the “Netflix Party” chrome browser extension we’ll be hosting watch parties every Thursday, starting at 8:30 eastern. We’ll be watching “Terrace House Boys and Girls in the City”. We’ll plan to watch two episodes each session since they are only about 30 minutes. If we decide to watch a third, we’ll post an update about it so if you miss a session then you can catch up for the next one.

Be sure to download the “Neflix Party” extension at least the day before. There regularly has been issues for people who download it and then immediately tried to join a party.

December 2021: Adam Wolf

Our guest today is a former Great Lakes JETAA President. Adam has a Master’s of Public Health, has experience working for the Japanese consulate, and is now working in higher education. Read on to find out more about how Adam’s JET experience influenced his career!


November 2021: Kily Buta

Our guest today has a Master’s of Public Health and recently returned from her time on JET, where she taught in a super science high school. Read on to hear her memories of festivals and the capstone project she completed in Japan.


October 2021: Megan Doi

One of Megan’s hobbies in Japan was collecting Goshuin, which are unique stamps you can get from Temples and Shrines around Japan.

Our guest today has a Master’s in International Education Management and is currently working at the Consulate General of Japan in Detroit. She is originally from California and was placed in Yamanashi as a high school ALT while on JET. Read on to learn about her family heritage trip, the hobbies she took up in Japan, and career advice.


September 2021: Michael McVey, Ed.D.

Michael McVey with a book featuring his work with Korean scholars.

Our guest today has a Doctorate in Education, works at Eastern Michigan University, and was a JET in Saga-ken during the 90’s. Learn how JET has influenced the course of his career, from published work with international scholars, to book reviews, to work in global strategy development.


August 2021: Daniel Stone

Daniel takes a rest during a trip to Sendai

Summer is almost over, but that doesn’t mean the heat is! Welcome back to another edition of Alumni Spotlight, and as summer winds down, we begin to think about school again and maybe reminisce on our days of being teachers. If you’ve ever wondered how to use your teaching experience after JET, our next guest from Ohio has truly made his experience work for him. Daniel Stone has started his own tutoring company as well as working towards becoming a licensed teacher. Read on to find out more about his business and the many schools he taught at while on the JET Program.


July 2021: Rhea Young

Rhea and some of her many students

July brings us into the hot season of summer, and we can almost imagine being in Japan again with the sounds of cicadas filling our eardrums. Summer is also a busy time for our next guest, Rhea Young, as she is usually busy getting all the new JETs together for orientations, last-minute document checks, and finally shipping JETs out to their new homes. This month we take a step away from the consulate and get to know about Rhea’s time as an ALT in Oita City and why “lack of water pressure” is a good excuse for daily sento visits (jealous).



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June 2021: Jamie Mucaria

Jamie and his students at a prom-themed English camp

It’s June, and with a new month comes a new alumnus to the spotlight! This time we’re talking to Jamie Mucaria, a unicorn five-year JET! Not only does he have that coveted status, but he also has a story or two about broken bones and wheelchair rides in the hospital. Also, don’t get between him and his 7-Eleven. Come along, get to know your fellow JET alumnus, and wonder how Jamie was able to do so many activities while on JET!


May 2021: Lauren Gassman

Lauren and her seniors on graduation day

Welcome to May’s edition of Alumni Spotlight, where we are taking some time to meet Lauren Gassman. Lauren has been stateside for almost ten years now and has been enjoying her time as a Japanese teacher, making visits back to Japan and furthering her studies of Japanese language education. Join me (and be jealous) in hearing about Lauren’s cooking track students and their annual cooking showcase!


April 2021: Tiffany Spearman/Trager

Tiffany on her final day of school, where she taught only three students.

For our very first installation of Alumni Spotlight, I talked with Tiffany Spearman/Trager, one of GLJETAA’s newest returnees. Tiffany has only been back since October 2020 but has been busy with her new job teaching Japanese and aims for more in the future. Get to know Tiffany, and you may find yourself as excited about nine schools a week as she was.