The Officers

Alicia smiling and hugging a bamboo tree.

Alicia Smith
Hokkaido (2008-2013)

Kyle smiling against a sign in Japanese.

Vice-President of Michigan
Kyle Belanger
Shizuoka (2017-2019)

Jennifer, smiling and wearing sunglasses.

Vice-President of Ohio
Jennifer Sherman
Mie (2012-2016)

Bill, smiling and wearing glasses in a hat with greenery in the background

Bill Smith
Hokkaido (2012-2014)

Megan smiling against some vibrant greenery.

Megan Doi
Yamanashi (2013-2017)

Events Coordinator
Jamie Mucaria
Fukuoka (2011-2016)

Lily Sun
Ishikawa (2015-2017)

The last election was held in 2020, and the next election will be in 2022.

Board of Directors

Eric Smith

Debbie Kim

Rob Corder

Kate Simon

The current Board of Directors were elected in 2020.