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From the Japanese-Speaking Career Seminar, presented by GLJETAA, 10/2022:

Kasia of Ikigai Connections and Judy Liu share their tips for networking and writing a resume featuring Japanese language and cultural skills.

How to Network for a Japanese-Speaking Career

YouTube embedded presentation pt 1.

To view Kasia’s slides, click here.

How to Write a Resume (Pt. 2 of the above video)

YouTube embedded presentation pt 2.

To download Judy’s PowerPoint slides, click here.

For details of the Japanese-Speaking Career Seminar, click here.

From the 2022 Great Lakes JETAA Career Fair, 01/2022:

Our Keynote Speaker gives a presentation on how to market Japanese skills, and panelists share their experiences working in different industries that utilize their Japanese language and cultural skills.

How to Market Your Japanese Language/Cultural Skills

Embedded presentation: keynote.

Panel 1

Panelists: Daniel Stone (ESL tutoring company), James Wilson (Japanese trading company), Jamie Graves (Japanese cuisine).

YouTube embedded presentation of Panel 1.

Panel 2

Panelists: Faye Valtadoros (Japanese teacher), Scott Kuehn (economic development), Caleb Cook (manga translator).

For details of the 2022 Great Lakes JETAA Career Fair, click here.

From Transitions Career Forum, a sister event presented by PNWJETAA:

Opening and Panel 1: So you want to work in Japan?

Transitions YouTube embed pt 1

Japan Career Pathways

Transitions YouTube embed pt 2

Keynote: U.S. Businesses in Japan

Transitions YouTube embed pt 3