Berkley Board Game Day

Hey, board gamers in Southern Michigan! We are getting together in Berkley at Gate Keeper Games to play some games! There is a variety of games available to suit all ages and interests. Depending on how everyone is feeling, we can also follow up with grabbing dinner afterward!
For those who can’t wait to get to gaming, a JETAA board member will arrive at the venue early to hold a table, so feel free to stop by before 2 (although the venue opens at 1).

You are welcome to bring your own board games, but there are also games available on location to play (separate from the games they are selling), so don’t feel obligated to do so.

*Please be aware that we are reserving tables/chairs based on the number of people who are listed as “going” in this event. If you are a “maybe” you are of course welcome to come, but we cannot guarantee room because we will not be the only group playing at Gate Keepers. Thank you for understanding.

Date: November 17, 2019
Time: 2-6pm
Location: Gate Keepers Games (Map)