More on Reverse Culture Shock

1. Be prepared: remember that reverse culture shock is both real and common.

2. Acknowledge your feelings, denial will only prolong the situation.

3. Remember some of your favorite stories will be out of context for your friends.

4. Be patient with your friends and with yourself.

5. Let your friends fill you in on what’s “in” at home: TV shows, music, gadgets.

6. Build a new community and find people who have had similar experiences.  In other words, be active with your local JETAA chapter :).

7. Volunteer or find work that connects you to Japan.

8. Stay in contact with fellow JET alumni; share your re-entry experiences.

9. Keep up your Japanese, take a class or do a language exchange.

10. And don’t forget, you can always go back to Japan even just to visit.

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